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ACME was established in the year 1999 with the main objective of developing a regional centre of excellence for the information technology providing computer education, ACME having in house as well as franchisee setup all over Maharashtra & India.



    Distance education is a planned education that normally occurs in a different location from teaching. It provides student with a second chance at…


    Distance learning or correspondence education has completely changed the way students approach education. It has not just opened up endless avenues for education…

  • Classroom Education

    Our Company has appointed Authorized Training Providers at different places across India to provide Computer Education to Students at their Door Steps. The…

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Training Methodology

Theory Training Classes : The theory training classes are an important input that will help the students gain in depth understanding of the topics and also prepare well for the examinations. Training / Internship / Research Work : Students are required to go for compulsory training/internship/research work module as designated by concerned ACME Society. They will perform all duties in designated industry similar to working as a professional. Training / internship / research work will be arranged in actual industry environment. Examinations : The examinations serve to finally assess and certify the students understanding of the subject and level of knowledge and skill development. At the end of every academic & calendar year the examinations will be conducted by concerned institution/ university with the support of ACME SOCIETY. The mode of examinations will be mix of subjective and objective questions as per the requirement of the programme of study.  
Online education is a type of distance learning---taking courses without attending a brick-and-mortar school or university. Instead, online students go through Flash Files for Learning or download pdf files for theory notes. Online Education removes the barrier of Time,Location,Teachers. A Student can pursue education anywhere in the globe at any comfortable time without any teachers, thus making Learning a enjoyable process.
Distance learning was once only possible by corresponding through the mail. In the late 1970s and 1980s, higher education institutions in the U.S. and Europe began delivering instructional content to distance learners over cable and satellite TV. From the mid-1990s onwards, the Internet rapidly became the most common method of delivering distance education.
Online education is "synchronous" if the teacher and student have some direct, simultaneous contact. For instance, a teacher might meet with students in a chat forum for a discussion. Another example of synchronous distance learning is a teacher delivering a lecture at a scheduled time while students watch it simultaneously via a webcam. Distance learning also allows for "asynchronous" learning, where instructor and learner do not meet in time or space. For instance, a student may go to a website to read or watch the week's lectures at any point during the week. Students may use email to submit assignments to the teacher or ask questions. Asynchronous learning opens up enormous possibilities by divorcing education from the constraints of time as well as place.

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