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Formed in 1965, the CSI has been instrumental in guiding the Indian IT industry down the right path since its formative years. Today, the CSI has 69 chapters all over India, 381 student branches, and more than 70,000 members, including India’s most famous IT industry leaders, brilliant scientists and dedicated academicians. Now, you have the opportunity to be a part of this distinguished fraternity too.

The mission of the CSI is to facilitate research, knowledge sharing, learning and career enhancement for all categories of IT professionals, while simultaneously inspiring and nurturing new entrants into the industry and helping them to integrate into the IT community. The CSI is also working closely with other industry associations, government bodies and academia to ensure that the benefits of IT advancement ultimately percolate down to every single citizen of India.

The purposes of the Society are scientific and educational directed towards the advancement of the theory and practice of computer science, computer engineering and technology, systems science and engineering, information processing and related arts and sciences.

Tally Solutions Ltd is a Bangalore-based financial accounting software company that currently sells into more than 100 countries beyond its native India, including the United Kingdom, Bangladesh and the Middle East.

Tally's software is mainly used for vouchers, financial statements, and taxation in many industries, and has specialised packages for retail businesses. More advanced capabilities are found in its ERP package. Tally Software is developed with a core proprietary engine with a SDK Wrapper. Most of Tally's Interaction Forms and Reports are developed using Tally Definition Language TDL. Customization of Tally Application can be done using this TDL SDK. Tally.ERP 9 has advanced integration capabilities in the form of Application programming interfaces to make the software extensible. Tally can interact with Software application using XML, ODBC, DLL technologies.

Learn is a leading player in Core Education and is set to ride on the increasing demand for quality education and development with the fastest growing chain of K-12 schools and India’s No 1 chain of pre-schools in its portfolio.

Zee Learn's stated purpose is to Improve Human Capital through quality education and development. We help individuals (children & youth) realize their unique potential through our school network, school innovations, youth vocational institutes and online ventures.

EQFS Certification Pvt. Ltd. is a Certification Organization set up by senior professionals with wide experience. We are accredited by Norwegian Accreditation Board. We are presently providing assistance to the Indian Industry all over India through auditing on ISO 9001:2008 standards. We are also engaged in various management audits, special audits, Training Programs and Vendor Development Program exclusively for our clients.

ISO 9000 is a series of International Standards for Quality Management & Quality Assurance. It is not a set of product standards Nor It is specific to one industry.

It is a provision of minimum system requirements which will help ensuring that items/ services are provided in accordance with a good management practice

ISO 9001:1994 - Quality Systems-Model for Quality Assurance in Design, Development, Production, Installation and Servicing.

MSAG is a “Empanelled Assessing Body of Director General of Employment & Training (DGE&T), Ministry of Labour”. MSAG provides consultancy in the field of Training, Assessment & Evaluation, based on competence based methodologies and solutions to upgrade skills, raise productivity and increase efficiencies through training, development, assessment, evaluation and quality assurance of delivery. MSAG has a core of management professionals and occupational specialists who are skilled in conducting training, assessment and evaluation to given benchmarks.

As an “Assessing Body” of the DGET, MSAG has acquired considerable experience in “Training, Assessment & Evaluation” which is further reinforced by the fact that two heads of the organization are from Armed Forces and the Police where training, evaluation and assessment is a continuous process for “Skills Development”.

Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL) was promoted by the Department of Higher and Technical Education, Government of Maharashtra, India and was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 on August 20, 2001 as a Public Limited Company under CIN. U 80302 MH 2001 PLC 133101 to create new paradigm in education and development through universalization and integration of Information Technology in teaching, learning and educational management processes in particular and socio-economic transformative processes in general.

VISION : To develop learning, governance and empowerment systems which are world-class and value-based and which are responsive to the individual and social developmental needs of the people by bridging the

MISSION : To offer life-long learning, governance and empowerment services through appropriate partnerships
• to a very large population with various diversities : Bigger
• with high quality of relevance and applicability in life and work : Better
• at an affordable cost : Cheaper
• within a shortest possible time : Faster
• with a wide accessibility from metros to villages : Wider
• in a mass-personalized manner : Deeper personal experience as it is critical for survival, development and empowerment of individuals, communities and nations.